Let's do ministry together!

At MGBC our heart is to serve and bless the body of Christ in diverse ways as guided by the Lord. Our ministries are designed to meet various needs and interests, ensuring that everyone finds a place to connect and grow. Each ministry at MGBC plays a crucial role in our mission to love, connect, and grow together in Christ. Whether you're looking for fellowship, support, spiritual growth, or a way to serve, you'll find your place here with us.

Meet the Ministry Leaders.

Stacey Batiste

Community Connect
Reaching out and connecting with our local community. 

Dione Collins

New Members / Money Matters
Welcoming and integrating new members into our church family. / Provides guidance and wisdom on financial stewardship. 

Kasie Coleman

Encouraging teamwork and unity within the church.

Tyrone Dunn

Kingdom Builders (Men Ministry)
Focused on spiritual growth and discipleship among the men of the church. 

Arteikia Harrell

Healing Circle Ministry
The Healing Circle Ministry provides compassionate support and spiritual guidance to individuals and families navigating the sorrow of loss, offering a comforting presence and resources to help them through their journey of grief and healing.

Danielle Harris

Nurturing our youth and young adults members in faith and fellowship.

Elder Roy Houston

Parking Lot / Security Ministry
Ensures the safety and orderliness of the church's parking facilities, assists with entry logistics, and provides a secure environment for all members and visitors during church events. 

Rodney Johnson, ThD

Singles Ministry
Supporting and empowering our single members. 

Chalonda Jordan

Kids Ministry
Nurturing kids in their faith and fellowship.

Carla Jones

Pastor Support Ministry
Offers direct support to the pastor's needs. 

Marguerite Lathan

Christian Education Ministry
Fosters spiritual growth and biblical understanding among all ages through engaging and thoughtful Christian education programs.

Kendra Moore

Prayer Ministry
A dedicated team focused on prayer and spiritual support. 

Louis Moore, Phd

Deacon Ministry
Serving the congregation through leadership and support. 

Beverly Green & Connie Houston

Comfort & Care Ministry
Providing comfort in times of need.

Tommy Stout

Kingdom Builders (Financial Secretary)
Bookkeeping for the brotherhood ministry. 

James & Martha Wheeler

Married Couples Ministry
Strengthening the bonds of marriage within the church. 

Ashley Beauchamp

Health & Wellness Ministry
Promotes holistic well-being among congregants. 

 Thad Jackson & Marshall Lathan 

Digital Media & Social Media  Ministry
Ensures high-quality production of services and online content.

 Lisa D., Marguerite L., Judy M., Kendra M.

Brasizle Scholarship Comittee
Provides financial assistance and educational opportunities to deserving students within the congregation, supporting their academic and personal growth.


Sisters Of Strength Ministry
Empowers and supports women through fellowship, spiritual growth, and service, fostering a strong community of faith and resilience among the female members of the congregation.

Schwann Napoleon

Greeters Ministry
The Greeter Ministry ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who enter the church, making everyone feel valued and connected from the moment they arrive. Promotes holistic well-being among congregants.